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Opossum Ear Threaders

Opossum Ear Threaders

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Opossums, trash cats, R.O.U.S's... whatever you want to call them, these cuties are one of my favorite animals! Potent symbols of resourcefulness, nurturing, and luck, these opossum ear threaders dangle playfullly on stainless thread chains, and include clear rubber post backers to keep them at just the right length of your choosing. You can even thread them through multiple peircings!

Made from double-sided brushed silver acrylic, this dangly set are scary lightweight! Sensitive lobes rejoice. 


Designed by me, and brought to life by Vinca here in Austin, Tx.


• Nickel-free stainless steel ear threaders

• Laser cut and etched acrylic

• Rubber post backers included

• Overall 4.5" long (opossum pendant: 1.5", chain: 3")

• Hangs roughly 2.5" from lobe, adjustable

• Each earring only weighs about 0.05 oz

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