About the Artist

Welcome to my neck of the enchanted wood!

Hi! I'm Elissa (she/her), the artist and sole biz-runner of Elissa Marie Creative. As an introverted swamp witch, I revel in creating magickal worlds in which to let imaginations wander. I focus primarily on illustration, offering my work in the form of art prints, stickers, blankets, apparel, and a slew of other cozy wares. I aim to make art accessible and affordable, to encourage imaginations, and to illustrate books well into my crone years. Preferably nestled in a warm cottage surrounded by forest, of course.

Stay a while, and get to know me through my work. I'm only an email away if you want to say hi.


Once upon a time...

I have been an artist all my life. My earliest memories include drawing, sewing, crafting, imagination play, scene making, cooking, and painting. Simply put, I love making things. I have never lost that sense of whimsy, and always knew this is what I would do the rest of my life. Through my art, I seek to awaken the inner child and unlock the imaginations of all who see it. In a world of hustle culture and productivity-glorification, I believe play, whimsy, and magick are more crucial than ever. I create worlds of fantasy that help folks explore the adventures in their minds and bring that magick into their homes.

How I Make Art

Most of my inspiration grows from fantasy, folklore, nature and magick. I spent most of my teens and 20s painting traditionally in watercolor or acrylic on canvas. Now, I create my art digitally, using traditional illustration techniques and analog-feeling brushes and textures -- technology has come such a long way to make digital painting feel like traditional. All of my work is still hand-drawn and painted (by me, a real human goblin), and I use the same basic process I would with paint-on-paper. I'm simply pushing around pixels instead of paint.

Living My Dreams

I opened my online art print shop in early 2019 after a decade working in the tech industry. I went full-time with my shop + freelance design work a few months later, and I am so much happier being my own boss (she can be pretty tough on me, though). My shop is a safe haven, where art is accessible, affordable, and inclusive.

I'm now selling my work in shops across the country, traveling with creative expos, and working toward my book illustration dreams. Each year, my business grows and evolves, slowly and sustainably, and I can't wait to show you all the new things I want to make!