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Moths Woven Throw Blanket

Moths Woven Throw Blanket

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Moths are a symbol of transformation, new beginnings, ends, and the cycle of life. The polarity of the luna moth and death-head moth in this design remind us that light requires darkness.

As with all my woven blankets, it is machine washable and keeps getting softer with time. It has enough weight to feel cozy and warm, while the cotton material keeps it breathable. Perfect for the sofa or the bed, these blankets are also excellent for picnics or belly time on the floor. Now available in a smaller third size!

• 100% cotton

• 37"x52", 50"x60" or 60"x80"

• Woven to order (not printed!)

• Color: black + natural white + green + bluish-green

• Care Instructions: machine wash on gentle; air dry or tumble dry low

These comfy bbs are woven-on-demand, and ship out directly from the weaver within 6-10 business days. Thank you for helping me reduce waste with your made-to-order purchase!

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