craftHER Market

August 1st

@Fair Market in Austin, Tx

When two friends combine creative forces, magic happens.

Jane Johnson (Creative Calamity Ceramics) and Elissa Marie (Elissa Marie Creative Illustration) have been creating things together since the first moment they met one fateful winter craft night over 16 years ago. They have joined forces for select local markets in the Austin, Tx area, where they are each other's best saleswoman, hype woman, cheerleader, and marketing consultant. Their work complements each other in the best playful way, and makes for a visually interesting collage that keeps customers lingering. 

© 2021 by Elissa Marie

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Specializing in whimsical and quirky imagery, Elissa Marie's work ranges from illustration and design to handmade goods and fiber arts. She is currently creating all the things in Austin, TX.